What We Do
We deliver quality services
Western Agro Processing & Industry Zone’s head office is located in the capital city Addis Ababa and it has leased one thousand hectares of land from Gambella Regional State for the purpose of growing various crops such as sesame, mung bean, cotton, rice etc. The business has built stores and supplied equipment necessary for the cultivation of land and harvesting of crops at the site or outlet located in Gambella.
Agro Processing
With headquarters in Addis Ababa, Western Agro processing & Industry Zone will engage in agro processing. It is on the process of planting different machineries aiming at value addition of its own agricultural products as well as that of its clients. Our extensive activities encompassing from farming to value adding help one stage of activity of the firm benefits from another.
Import & Export
Western Agro processing & Industry Zone has its own sister company known as Adege Negussie Export and Import which involved in export of agricultural commodities such as sesame, mung bean, rice and the like through growing and outsourcing these agricultural products from local out growers and exports to foreign markets, imports viable foreign products to the domestic market as well.
Fruits & Vegetables
Specializes in the production and export of quality, fresh & healthy fruits and vegetables from Ethiopia to other world.